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des;n1108 said:
Just checking in Des from Hammonds Plains 2004 AB Mach1 and 2002 convertible .

Hi Dez, welcome to Maritime Mustang, It takes a couple of posts to be approved and then good to go.
I hope you post some pic's with description for those who have not seen your cars.

I also hope someone from NSMC takes advantage of our group section to keep us all up to
date on club events.

great white

Grumpy Old Fart
Great White
Annapolis Valley
1983 GL (work in progress)



great white

Grumpy Old Fart
92LX302;n7726 said:
Looking good!

What's that bumper Great White, an 87-93 GT lower grafter to a 4 eyes upper?!

83 upper, 87 GT lower. I split them at the rub strips.

Evercoat Maxim medium polyurethane adhesive to bond the two halves together. Didn't have any Cleco's to hold them together while bonding, so I pop riveted them together and drilled them back out after the adhesive set up. Then a second coat of Maxim filled the holes (essentially, keying them together) and gave me enough parent material to define the shape before the light weight filler goes on.

I cut the 83 turn signal light openings out of hte old rub strip, then narrowed them by half and bonded them into the "new" cover in the same location as the 83 lights would have been. Need front turn signals to stay legal after all...:)

I was going to convert the 83 to an 85 nose (picked one up for 35 bucks) but went this way instead. Keeps the flavor of the 83 but updates it and no I won't run into another one like it (at least locally). The 87 GT also has all the side rub strips molded in so all I have to buy is two door strips. If I went 85 nose, I'd have to try and find an 85 rear bumper cover and all the rub strips. Saves me a couple bucks this way.

I wanted a "ground effects" look, a large lower opening to box in the radiator and the fog light holes to re-purposed for brake cooling ducts.

Thinking about seeing if I can run it in autoslalom when it's done, but it may be too modified for their classes.
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Welcome to looks like great project.
You need to start a thread in member build ups, we love build thread
with start to finish built details, along with lots of photos.
Always popular :)


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That's a great project. I love the look. And while the 85/86 look is my favorite one of all the foxes, the 83-84 is pretty rare nowaday. Cool that you kept it!