Not a Pony Corral!


Contractor called a couple weeks ago.
Said between time they gave me my quote and now price of aspenite has gone down a good bit, so they were offering to insulate the ceiling along with vapour barrier for free of charge to cover off the difference.

I accepted, and since I don’t like the look of sagging vapour barrier on ceiling and staples losing battle against gravity over time, I decided to pay difference and finish ceiling off completely.
Here you see it’s all strapped and ready for galvanized sheet metal to go on.
It will also cut down on dust.

I was not going to insulate or finish inside right away, but ceiling will now be done at least.


AC Bill

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Nice large space, and no posts which is a real bonus.

Did you leave any easy access point to the attic, for adding wiring, exhaust fans, sprinkler system, sink vents, or maybe to beef up a support for a ceiling heater? Are you installing gable end attic vents to prevent possible condensation issues, as I don't see any on the roof? Least I presume you still normally vent attics on the East Coast? Maybe the excessive snowfalls means using a different method?
I'd check with your insurance company to see if a sheet metal ceiling is acceptable? They may want drywall because of the fire rating aspect. They can be funny about garages, because of the flammables usually in them, gas, oil, etc.