NHL 2022 / 2023 season

Actually presdident trophy winners typically don't do well
last 10 years none have one the cup and since 2000
only 4 have won, playoffs different hockey.

As a Habs fan, one gone ( Bruins) one to go :ROFLMAO:
All jokes aside as a Habs fan and fellow Canadian I much rather see more chances for the cup to possibly come back to Canada. Boston has had more than their fair share. Lol
Toronto are now the favorite to win the cup, according to betting sites.
Based on the first round, if that continues that could be real bad LOL

Leafs fans have won a round and you can't talk them now :rolleyes:
the Broadcasters were horrible, For years we always heard how bias American stations were,
well Sportsnet have been great at leanring, because no one is more Bias then them when it
come to the Leafs, sad, funny and mostly hard to wathc or listen too.

So time for 2nd round pics, what ya think kids?
Well it quiet here since first rounded, lets up date.

Edmonton and NJ lost first game and are playing tonight
lets see where they stand after tonight.

Dallas won last night and are now 1-1 with Kraken, looks like fun one to watch.

Funny not much noise about Leafs :unsure: Ahh right down 2-0 lost first two at home.
They were favorites after Boston got ousted, I suspect they forgot to tell them they
still have to play and win, to make that work.

In honesty its real close, comes down to Panthers are out working them and Borvo is
doing great job in net. I suspect Toronto better win game 3 in Florida or vacation could start in florida
after game 4. Fun to watch.

Side note, Leafs are screaming bloody blue murder about bad reffing lol.
they are the least penalized team in the playoffs, I have watched the games,
the should really not try to piss off refs, they are getting more than a few favours.

Reffing is always bad and more often than not they miss calls on both sides,
one might want to look at big picutre here and be happy if your on right side of more calls than not.