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+1 on ordering Ford Performance gear from your local dealer, I've done that for years, and typically get the dealer to install them as well.

Never dealt with Dasilva, event though they're three hours east of me, but know plenty who have and are happy.

Had a less than great experience with in Milton back in '08 or so , your mileage may vary, but I've never been back since.

JLT does all the customs paperwork up front, as does CJ's and LMR I believe, but be wary of companies south of the border that dump and run and let UPS handle the customs brokerage, there's a recipe to pay another 50% on top of your purchase price. As me how I know. ;)

Dealt with Granatelli Motorsports through another forum, one time and one time only........see my previous statement.


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I have said this many times, but is worth repeating. has nothing to do with
Actually there has been on going lawsuit for long time ( not sure if ever resolved.)

They are a company ripping off the brand, So as Mike said, beware.
For what its worth I have ordered from with no issues.
in the past.


I only dealt with Steeda,ca in 07.
Never went back.
Don’t know if they’re still around.
Confirmed. They are not part of Steeda USA.
Ripping off brand is a good way to put it.

Actually had good experience once with Brenspeed around 08-09.
Bought take off wheels.
One got damaged in transit.
Resolved quickly and easily with one phone call and a couple pics e-mailed.
They sent me a replacement wheel forthwith and they dealt with the shipper.
I even got to keep the damaged wheel.

With the pandemic I got Ford Performance stuff done by my dealer last summer.
First time, was happy with it.
Although I bought from Dasilva.
The dealer was not authorized to sell FP yet at the time.

It’s been said a couple times that several guys on this forum travel to Pete’s in New Hampshire and are all pleased with the service received.

My full disclosure is that, with three cars, I’ve been a client of Dasilva’s since 08 and have always been very pleased and satisfied.
I describe them as “artists” of their craft.


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I agree with Marc on SCT tuner, Dasilva preference and also Petes Performance Dyno
in New Hampshire, which we go yearly ( under normal times) Also uses.

JLT air intake is likely one of the better ones. Any parts you can get in Canada
shipping will be better, price is like the same. Doing reserch is fun and normally pays off.

LMR, American Muscle, Cj Pony, Dasilva, Mustang direct, all good sources.
I’d definitely be on-board for a New Hampshire run. Love the White Mountains and tax free shipping!


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The more recent runs have been quick trip down Friday and
do dyno on Friday night, with slow run up the coast to Bangor
on Sat. then run home Sunday. Gerry had a plan to run inland
on last Dyno run, which got waylayed by Covid.

Guess we would have to see how many are going and how many
going on the dyno, going back, we spent Saturday at dyno, when we had
many cars to tune. Alot of ifs, but I do know I look forward to going
again and miss the run, its alot of fun. I might have a car in need of a tune
if all goes well for next Spring :)


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Now onto cleaning, best place to purchase the Brake Buster and Wheel Cleaning.

Welcome to the forum! Love the new acquisition. As far as cleaning supplies go, I always order online from canadian retailers. My go to in the moment in Carzilla (out of Calgary), but have dealt a lot with auto obsessed and as well. Carzilla have you Brake Buster needs, that where i've picked it up last time, along with a couple other P&S products and a ton of other required detailing supplies :) .

Welcome aboard!