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New Member, I live in Miramichi and my wife thinks I’m going through a mid life crisis! I turned 50 in January and bought my first Mustang this month. 2013 Mustang GT Convertible. White. All stock at the moment, but plan on adding JLT Catch Oil Can, JLT Series 2 Cold Air Intake and a Borla Cat-Back ATAK exhaust before spring. The car has 75,000 kms on it. Currently sitting up on Jack stands in my garage while I “look it over” and clean/detail inside wheel wells, etc. I actually buffed and waxed the inside of the 19” Track Pack wheels this past weekend.
I’m looking forward to getting together for some group rides, actually anything that would allow some movement (darn COVID travel restrictions!).


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Welcome to MM.
Real nice car, with the brake upgrade from the factory.
Cool. 😎

I hope you research the ATAK before you pull the trigger.
They can get loud.
In vert, if your wife plans on joining you, or should I say, if you want your wife to accompany you from time to time, it’s worth some consideration.

pei_guy above could share his story and provide insight on how a loud car changed the amount of time he has a side seat passenger.

The Borla S-Type is more popular with slightly less loudness but no sacrifice in performance.

Just a friendly FYI.

PS, we love pictures and we excel at helping others spend their money.
Thanks, I am 50 and not 22, so the S Type may be the best choice. Where is best (least expensive and best service) option for Mustang Parts in Atlantic Canada. I’ve been surfing CJ Pony Parts, but with the shipping costs factored in, it works out less from DaSilva Racing in Ontario.
Since I have the Brembo Brakes on front, I was thinking about MGP red Rear Caliper covers, but I’ve heard mixed reviews. Thoughts on these?
Next question, best tuner? With the JLT Series 2 Cokd Air Intake, it requires a Tune. I won’t like a tuner setting on the dash, so I’d probably lean towards upload it and then remove/stow tuner until needed again.
Now onto cleaning, best place to purchase the Brake Buster and Wheel Cleaning.
When I get into something, I’m usually “all in” so please accept my apologies now for asking so many questions along my journey.
Pics, yep, I’m a picture guy! Just gotta get my first season under my belt. I’ll post some pics tomorrow night following some detailing tomorrow.
Meanwhile, here are a couple of pics of a 2002 Tahoe I had since ‘04. I put a lot of work into that bad boy. But time had the best of it (and the frame) so we had to part ways 3 years ago.


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05 gt 5spd

On the road again
If a trip to the Dyno at Pete’s is in your future a SCT brand tuner would match the systems he has.

We have been known to plan a run to the Dyno in the early spring as a group , makes a fun weekend away but not this year. Once cross border travel is possible, safe and sensible after Covid I expect we will be planning to get there!
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SCT is the most popular and widely used tuner by Ford and Mustang Tuners (People who do the tuning).
Dasilva also works uniquely with SCT.

No need to have anything on dash.
They make great hand held dump and stow models.

There is not much in maritimes.
A little known fact is that Ford Performance is now available from any Ford dealer, if they choose to sell it.
So anything in Ford Performance catalog can be had in maritimes now.
And the odd piece like Magnaflow exhaust which some shops or dealers carry.
Action truck caps is a wholesaler for Magnaflow in Maritimes
A few dealers in the maritimes are also Roush parts dealers and they can do superchargers, CAI, exhaust, suspension and the like from them.

CJ’s, American Muscle and Late Model Restoration (LMR) are the internet giants but American as you point out.

In Canada, there is Dasilva, Mustang Direct in Montreal and tdot performance.

Matter of personal taste and preference but I would not do the MGP brake covers.
If you’re looking for some kind of match or rounding out things, I would instead paint the rear callipers with high heat flat black paint to match the front ones.
Sometimes less is more.


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I agree with Marc on SCT tuner, Dasilva preference and also Petes Performance Dyno
in New Hampshire, which we go yearly ( under normal times) Also uses.

JLT air intake is likely one of the better ones. Any parts you can get in Canada
shipping will be better, price is like the same. Doing reserch is fun and normally pays off.

LMR, American Muscle, Cj Pony, Dasilva, Mustang direct, all good sources.