Mach 1 for Marc

Planned mods are:
BMR cradle lock out and billet vertical link.
H pipe resonator delete, probably Roush.
Maximum Motorsport Caster Camber plates.
Custom dyno tune using stock induction hardware.
Lightweight forged wheels with wider tires.

Either the same setup I have on the 15, which is 19x9.5 F and 19x11 R wheels with 265/40 F and 305/35 R tires. Forgestar wheels
Or, I may try the same setup as early GT350’s, which is 19x10.5 F and 19x11 R wheels with 295/35 F and 305/35 R tires.
The early reservations I have about the second setup is tram lining, and the fact that Forgestar don’t make a 19x10.5 wheel.
They only make a 19x10 wheel, which is the limit for a 295 section tire.
I don’t like to be at the limit like that

But, priority is to land the car first. ?
Nice .Marc i am glad for you .will be nice ride .if you don t mind let me know so i can pass by to see your car.

I know, lots of dealerships got their orders.
Something happened with the Grand Falls and Edmundston dealerships.
For some reason, Ford didn’t give them their one allocation per location for 2022.
A bit of a mystery.
One car per location has reportedly been promised for the fall but they might get converted to 2023 MY instead of 2022.

In a way, that is not so bad because I think there will be fewer 2023 models than either 2021 or 22 because 23 production run will be cut short to transition to 2024 production of S650 model.
So more rare model year.
Downside is they will likely cost more because price protection will be lost.

Glad I went to Taylor Ford show.
Saw a brand new 2022 Premium GB HP there, manual with Recaros.
First Premium with Recaros I’ve seen so far.

I like GB but there was also a Bronco there in Cactus grey so I was able to look at both colours at same time in same lighting conditions.
That confirmed I prefer Fighter Jet grey over GB.
FJG is same colour as the Cactus grey on the Bronco, Ranger and Maverick.

On way home stopped by dealer lots in Fredericton to see if they had anything on hand.

Riverview Lincoln had a used 2021 on the lot.
Black, Base, non HP, auto with Recaros.
Glad I saw that one because it was first base Recaro seats I’ve seen.
I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I saw them.
I thought they would be similar quality to the Recaros in the Boss 302’s.
Not leather but still with alcantara seating and back surfaces.
I know and like those seats because I have a Ford Racing set in my 06.
But no, the hole seat is plain, Basa grade cloth material. The same as the regular Base seats.

This confirmed that I prefer the leather Recaros.
So Premium it’s going to be, in order to get colour and seats, even if we need to re-submit the order for a 2023 MY.

I was considering going Base for 2023 to offset cost increases.
Price difference between Base and Premium, and since FJG not available on Base, you save from having to pay for appearance pkg just to get FJG.
They had this in the showroom too where I picked up the Shelby today.

First time I see that colour on a Mustang.
I like it. A lot!
Glad I choose it.

Expensive but it has all the options, plus extra for automatic.
Only missing the cover


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