How Many Kilometers or miles did you put on your Mustang this Summer ?


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Picked up my '13 GT in April, 2016 from first owner @ 28,400km. Sitting now with 65,100km after 4 seasons with me. Taking a solo run to Digby on Sat, coming back Mon. Likely the last long stretch before tucking it in. An Island cruise on Thanksgiving Monday has been about the last run each year I've had it. Booked for storage the last weekend of Oct. after a final bath and polish.

Mineral Grey

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So i'm way behind the 8 ball with milage this year, just checked it and i got a whopping 1300km so far..
Haven't made any of the longer trips i usually do and only a few of the short local ones . Hope to maybe put some on this weekend.. I've been using the ol Outback to go places that the Mustang can't get to and doing a lot more camping, hiking and kayaking this year anyone else lacking seat time this year. Is covid keeping you from doing the longer trips into different provinces or states?


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This was the latest start to the year ever, I don't think I was even on the road until late May, as opposed to the start of April most years.

You had the gift to the world to contend with, as well as the gift of a late blast of winter.

I'm just about set to roll 1000 km thus far this year. ( 31k total )


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Yep, just a bit over 300 kms this summer including trip to garage for yearly inspection and it only got washed once. I can hear the neglect bells going off !! lol lol
in fairness Roger the snow only went away up there two weeks ago, so not bad 😝

I put my 3rd tank in, not sure of exact KM's but under a 1000 easily.
By now, normally would have had Dyno run in, spring run, at least several good weekend runs,
along with at least one trip to Moncton by now, so quite a bit behind and with summer half over,
not likely going to see big numbers this year. :(

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Had it three years and usually 20,000 km each summer. This year have not made it past Halifax from Western NS yet so only around 2500 km so far. Maybe the August route going from Enfield to Amherst via Sydney Cape Breton will help. Stays within the province. Not sure a 1 AM start will work for me though. On the bright side the new tires in April are holding out well.