How Many Kilometers or miles did you put on your Mustang this Summer ?


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I put 3125 miles (US Car) or exactly 5,000 kilometers on mine.

I got it out of storage on April 29th, and it was down a month with clutch problems, and I missed the Fall Run. So all things considered, 5,000 kilometers wasn't a bad summer.

I'm storing it on the 28th.
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So is mine, last changed end of October 2016, day before I put it away for winter. Full Synthetic, Premium Filter, only 5,000 kilometers travelled since then. Has an oil change scheduled for the 27th, then put away the 28th.

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2017 my main summer cruises : PEI, White Mountains, Quoddy Loop, Bar Harbor/ Freeport, Fundy park/ Alma, Charlotte Co. Coastal routes.
all said and done 8000 km this year ..
Can't wait till summer 2018. New rear gears and rear spoiler coming soon

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Put the car in storage with 212,500 Km. Looks like about 15,000 km this summer. Looks like driving was down a bit this summer as the average for the 10 years I’ve owned it has been around 17,000 / year. Time to collect a few maintenance items for installation when storage is over.


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Mine is tucked in now. 56,930km on odometer. season trip gauge shows 108.32 hours, 749 litres used, 6414.1 km & 11.6/100km ave. Had right around 10km the previous 2 seasons, so not so much seat time this yer from some reason. With that fuel consumption for a 5.0, my 'stang should almost be exempt from the carbon tax next spring!!!


We got our mustang last November it had 14000 km on it then. It snowed the day after we took it home. It got washed today put in garage but not tucked in it's spot yet.We put 9700 km on it this summer split the weekends between driving mustangs and bikes. We had a smile everytime we took car out to play and was made better by meeting all the mm gang and events we went to with everyone.
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