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Quick PSA: Photobucket now charges a 399$/year fee if you want to host your pictures on their website to share on other forums... This is why you will see a lot of broken images all over the internet.

Flickr is a MUCH better solution for picture storage/sharing IMO.
Question for Group - Best DA Polisher? Saw some reviews on the Meguiars MT300. As an FYI, I’m looking to purchase one to polish the nose cone (front) of my travel trailer, not the mustang. My mustang gets a coat of wax about every other week, HaHaHa.
I think Maximum is the resident guru on cleaners, polishing and different products,
I beleive even a thread or two here about car stuff, but I suspect he can let you know what would work
well with other applications.
I just have the SIMONIZ Light-Duty Right Angle Polisher & Sander, 7-in from Canadian Tire. Works well for what i need it for. I don't use it often, I only use it for scratch and swirl removal on paint and headlights. Wax and ceramic coatings i just do manually
I clicked on

How to post a Video from YouTube

The Info was No Longer There

I uploaded a Burnout Video from last night onto YouTube and would like to share it here.