Ford Build Project ( non Mustang)


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now thats insane, but looks like fun.
I didn't make much progress, to busy with work.
I was looking for a donor 4 wheeler.
to take drive train and engine out of.
Rest didn't much care, was harder to find than I thought.
went to look at 2 and were pretty much junk, after I got there.

So still in planning mode, which means later in summer at best. and
likely next winter.


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Well I didn't realize this was that old lol
No wonder Aliona harresses me about doing something with it.

Well I started tearing it apart few weeks ago and went on search for stuff.
I got 80% of what I needed in one shot, after 11 hour road trip to other side of
Fredericton and back

briggs 44ci shaved heads, roller rockers, bigger pushrods and cams, billet flywheel
high dominator carb, high torgue starter, 90degree right angle gear box,
couple axles, chains, few gear sets, chassis ( maybe use)

Needs some TLC but should produce 60-70 HP when done,
hopefully this spring, I will try and get some pics this week,
was whirl wind tour to go get stuff.

some design work welding and gasket set needed
along with some better brakes, oh and got a set of wheels and tires also.

Better late than never


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did the mock up last night, now that we got it to fit, make some brackets,
then complete tear down, New gaskets ofr engine, frame sand balsted and some upgraded welding
body off for new paint, likely need to build new grill. some wrap work, few other tweaks :)

Another project on the books for spring, should be a riot.