Ford Build Project ( non Mustang)


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So with the car I have and not many Mods to do. I decided I need a project.
So I thought might be fun to start a thread and share.
First I will leave this pic, keep in mind nothing has been set in stone.
Ideas to follow.
ford mower 2.JPG
Very Cool Piece, if you are not going to Race it, I would restore it to better than new condition and keep it stock for shows. Or you could bolt a Hayabusa engine under hood and install wheelie bars.:FordSmile
Well not going to race, but will be toy. Will never mow.
Not sure about Hyabusa but will have more than stock HP
Looking for donor parts now :)
I thought I had the donor, but so far didn't work out.
Still on the hunt for the new power plant for this project.

Surprised not many comments on this, no interest to see what happens?
what kind of donor engine are you looking for? snowmobile or motorcycle? or bigger / modern lawn tractor?
Looks like a cool project. Are these lawn tractors similar to the larger farm tractors. I have seen plenty of those but never one of those!
lots of old Ford lawn tractors around, Hard to find now.
it came with mower deck and it worked, but didn't want it.
Ran, barely. but didn't care. Basically it is or was 12 HP lawn tractor
like millions of others you have seen, but its a Ford.
Back in the day, Ford built just about everything.

Now in the Tractor world, what they do build is called JCB.
Bill's on board, we could use an Engineer as well.
Pay sucks, but company is good LOL.
Sweet ride.
I have a similar vintage 16 hp Ford Yard Tractor (YT), with a twin cylinder Briggs and Stratton industrial engine.
Not quite as clean looking as this one but engine in mine still 100%.
Still use it to mow with 42' inch deck. Although I did get a zero turn last year.
My vinyl seat has cracks and my front grille has a few small dents.
My decals all still intact and blue color in good shape.
A bit of surface rust on right side white rear fender from exposure to sun over the years.
It was stored exposed to sun for some years.
Now stored away from the sun.

Definitely a cool project. I don't have any donor parts.
Don't know if you're seeking opinions or what?
Motorcycle or quad engine sounds good.
But IMHO, because the body looks so well preserved I would try to keep it more stock than hot rod.
I'm ok with more power but with a bigger, more performing tractor engine.
Something like taking it from 12 hp to 20 hp.
I would complete it with a period trailer in Ford blue, of course, and something like an old Coke or Pepsi cooler that fits in the trailer.
Maybe something like a portable sun shade and period folding stools or chairs.
Like a mobile wet bar on wheels.
That would be the direction I would try to go.

Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be nice.
And looking forward to following the progress on here.
I actually left the working mow deck there.
I have been looking for one of these for a few years.
But always had in my head, to build a hot rod.
0-60 in under 4 seconds, lots of torq.
Now that said, where the hell I will ever be able to use it,
I have no idea. Seat is amazing shape, logos are ok, but will
redo them. Idea is to strip this one, mock up new drive train
with what ever is needed and then have frame, body sand blasted,
primed and painted, keeping in traditional Ford blue and white,
maybe with clear coat, so a little shiner.

So A toy that has very limited uses LOL.
If it where mine, I would restore to better than new, keeping the power train stock. You already own a GT350R, so you get yours peed fix there. A restored, stock Tractor like yours will only increase in value.
As said above thats not the plan, I don't even have mower deck
and I don't need a lawn mower :) But more toys are never a bad thing.
Never thought much about the value of it.
Would be a cool tractor pull project. Lots of lawn class in the Crapaud tractor pull in PEI. Not sure the direction they go for power plant tho.