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People like that are funny, you should have offered him a glass
of coolaid we know he likes to drink it lol.

Read the actual facts before condeming anyone.
Canada is by all standards the greenest country on the planet.
we have double the amount of trees than any other country.
Based on sq. ft of land of trees and what it takes to clean our carbon,
we have about 30% more than we need to do it. We have the cleanest oil fields
in the world, our carbon foot print is already quite low.
Until China, India and Africa change how they do things, they rest of us
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Being green is not a bad thing, but being undeucated on topic, if your going
to go off makes you an idiot. If he lives on your street, he is about as uneffcicent
house as you can get to begin with and I digress.

Your truck is actually fairly efficient to begin with but
the polite thing I guess would been to say Merry Christmas
now get the F@$K O#* my property :)

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Yeh Marc definitely the Ford is the one to get to tow and to work with in my opinion. Drove in a Ram this summer for a good haul and it really drives awesome and the fit and finish is up there too, had the Long Horn which my King Ranch doesn't come close to in this area, but the suspension is soft. I love my Ford and between my Dad and I we had over 40 of them through the years, I bleed blue............but I hope that Ford doesn't let this one slip away as others are paying attention and have their scopes on the F-150. This area has been Ford country for a long time but things started to change when the new model came out as woodsman say it jumps a lot in the woods compared to the 2014 models and younger. Couldn't say as mine never goes out in the wild... lol. But I love that ecoboost to tow, no doubt here !!


I’ve got a non-Ford HD diesel pickup which tows our 33’ 8500lb travel trailer very nicely. From a couple of short runs it would seem that towing doesn’t hurt the fuel mileage much and it doesn’t seem to notice that I’m going up hill. My old truck would really have to work even on the level and would barely hold speed on many hills, my new one has over 900 ft-pounds of torque which makes a huge difference


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With those tires and that ride height, having the 4x4 option seems a little useless to me, and 395 hp seems underpowered , thats almost the same as a stock F150. If its a Super Snake, I would have figured 595 hp at least.

Plus, those 35 damn Shelby badges, I can see seven in this picture alone. lol