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Tell us about you TRUCK ride, new or old.

The recent trucks are more like luxury cars than trucks when it comes to ride quality. But yet can still haul. The engine options seem to be endless. All engines seem to have some redeeming qualities. But who wouldn't want a 5.0 l?

The most recent trucks are now have a 10 speed trany. This was co-designed by ford and chev.

I just resently became an owner of a 2016 and so far it's a great truck. It tows my Alum boat to the lake with ease. the guys at Macphee have treated me great since I got the truck from them.

I bet there are a few of you with trucks, post up some pick and show us your ride and what options it may have. New or old too.
Ohtobbad;n30218 said:
I have had plenty of trucks and own 4 F-250's currently.
We talk cars we miss, I miss this truck.
2012 Ford f150 Harley Davidson edition.
This was one beautiful truck,
while owned it, never seen one quite the same.

Definitely Too Fancy to be a Work Truck.
Here's a pic of my F150

Like my Mustangs, but love my trucks. Been driving F150's since 2000, fell in love with the Raptor, and ordered a 2011 Supercrew with the Molten Orange interior accent package, added Ford Performance wheels, light bar and off road lights. Which was ironic because the truck never saw off road, I'll admit that.

Needed more room, so after a brief mistake on an FX4 Supercrew, got my order in for a 2014 Raptor Supercrew with the blue accent interior package and optional wheels in the last year of the first gen production with the 6.2L, wasn't sure if it was going away for good, but luckily grabbed one. ( No love for the EB here, I prefer my V8's ). No desire to get a current generation F150, or Raptor, happy where I am, but......

Waiting patiently to see if the 2020 Raptor will be equipped with the supercharged 5.2L out of the GT500...if so, could be a game changer.
Fun GT;n30297 said:
$60 000 for a Roush sounds like a bargain as new F-150's are reaching over $80 000 lately. Good looking truck and a bargain, nice !!! Really like the look of it...........

Add a Roush Supercharger to it ( if done at Ford) warranty is covered.
Would be a crazy beast...... hmmmmmm
In 2016 decided that changes were in order as I had a vehicle it seems for all seasons and occasions so crazy wasted money involved. Sold 3 vehicles and bought 1 new truck which I now use as daily driver. First one to go was '07 Ranger with 24 000 kms (winter and hunting truck), next was '05 F-250 with 52 000 kms (summer and camping truck) then went wife's Sebring (used in winter and her dad's old car).


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Then bought brand new 2016 white Lariat which turned out to be a headache being that it had paint issues. It was bought in July then after hell Ford cancelled the contract and took back the truck in November. Now I have the Blue one which is used on a daily basis. Both new trucks came with the 3.5 ecoboost which surprised me on how hard they tow. Now do I trust it as much as the 5.0, nah .... but for towing purposes I went with the ecoboost so will see ??


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