Catch Can 2000 GT


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Thinking I will install a catch can while she is in storage 2000 gt 2v

Any suggestions for a plug and play easy install?

Most of them say may need some repurposing

I don’t want to frig around


Is this a good investment?
Did you check out JLT?

A catch can basically catches oil vapour that is destined to go back through the intake manifold to be burned in the engine combustion as a pollution control practice.

This oil vapour introduced to the air-fuel mixture results in a slight drop of the octane level in the mixture.
This can lean out the combustion slightly.
In extreme cases it can lead to detonation, otherwise known as spark knock.
This is not a good thing.

Factory tunes on run of the mill cars compensate for this by being plenty rich.
Basically any cars that can run 87 octane fuel.
And detonation is a elevated risk at higher elevations and/or if you beat on your car.

So, on unmolested cars with OE hardware and tune, and especially if not put through the engine performance ringer, catch can not necessary.

However, on modified cars running performance tunes, like 91 or higher octane specific tunes, or factory performance vehicles mandating 91 or higher octane fuel, where the air-fuel mixtures are closer to the edge, especially if they are pushed to performance limits, a catch can is a very good and advise-able investment.

So a determination if a catch can is a good investment can be made by each individual based on wether they have modified their car, what kind of car it is from the factory, and how they drive the car.
+1 on Marc's recommendation for checking out JLT, he gave you the science behind it, I'll give you owner feedback.

I bought the Ford Performance catch cans for my '16 ..... positives ???

They look OEM, all the hoses and connectors were there, easy to install.

On the down side , they're a pain in the ass to empty, there are five allen screws to remove and then lift the lid off to empty them, then you have to either soak up the oil with a rag, or draw it out with a syringe. I'm not a huge fan of the cans and hoses being plastic. Don't get me wrong, they work well, and look good, but it's down to personal preference.

Bought a pair of JLT catch cans for my truck.

I find them super easy to empty, aluminum construction, brackets to mount them included (if required), and rubber hoses, easy to install, available in a polished aluminum finish, or a matte black, JLT also offer an add on that increase the capacity of the can. As I said, easy to empty, you just unscrew the bottom cylinder and pour it out, then screw it back on.

Couple of extra dollars for the JLT, so like most mods, you have to balance budget with function, individual mileage may vary.

Personally I prefer the JLT, over the winter I'm considering trading out the FP for JLT on the car.

I'm always amazed at the amount of oil and water these cans remove from the airflow back to the intake, and thats with two completely stock vehicles.......well worth the investment IMO.

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I got mine directly from JLT years back, but a quick search of the Googlemator looks like maybe JLT shut down their website ??

I don't see the JLT site, but looks like there's plenty of retailers that have them.
I thought the lines and gear were above OE grade, either way, you won't be disappointed, it's good stuff. (y)(y)

Make sure to post pics when you take delivery, you know the saying around here, always happy to spend someone else's money. :LOL: