3rd Annual Maritime Mustang Spring Run Saturday May 9th 2020


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Once again, I will remind people that we work hard to figure it out.
Many things are out of our control. They could have new staff also.
Some of the same problems could exist, likely to be issues when feeding 100 people.

I have managed a couple of bars and restaurants and owned a fast food place in my past.
Trust if you are feeding 100+ at the exact same time, if some one is not happy I would be shocked.

Reality of it is, ( this has been said many times) If your coming for the food, likely the wrong reason.
We are going on a run, we will eat, anyone who gets to Amherst and prefers to eat somewhere else
are welcome too. I suspect you would be missing the point, but each to their own.
We do this to drive our cars with like minded people and lunch or stops is an opportunity
to see old friends and hopefully make some new ones.


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Outside of the winter party, this is the event that excites me the most.
Why one asks, well two reasons, it means it spring and I am driving my Mustang.
Both excellent reasons 🏎


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For me, it's the planning around getting the car out, scheduling spring service and mod installation, making sure parts are on hand or delivery schedule is firm, watching weather for enough rain to wash salt off roads, some test drives with daily to check out road conditions and plotting a route to meet up.

Best is seeing interest grow from members and activity on the thread creeping up with new folks signing up, sharing pics of cars and opportunities to meet other enthusiasts.

You know....we "could" try a MM daily driver meet...at Fred's....with Linda feeding the crew!!FB_IMG_1580671063894.jpg


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Clockewise, but to keep them on their toes, switch it up half way through lol.

One good thing about winter here this year, is the amount of rain we have had.
I have used 40% more salt than last year at this point. But roads don't have an excessive amount
of salt on them, so if trend continues, once spring has sprung, roads could be ready sooner.

I did most stuff in fall, can drive car day one, will need tires before dyno run :)


In the Moncton area. I’ll join in if I’m not working. Will be during busy season for me so won’t know until the Friday if I can go. I have no problem picking up something at a fast food joint for food. Sounds like it’s going to be very hard to find someplace to accommodate everyone. Had a blast at the fall run.