3rd Annual Maritime Mustang Spring Run Saturday May 9th 2020

Add me to the NS gang. Just curious. If I was to bring my daughter and 3 yr old granddaughter, would granddaughter be allowed in the Pub? Thx...
yes she would, if a run even exists this year, if it does looks less and less likely
we will eat in a restaurant. we still have a couple weeks before we make final decisions.
With great sadness, we will cancel the spring run.
With everything going on, it is the safe and right thing to do.

If possible we will look at options of running this run later in season
when it is safe to do so and if scheduling allows.

I hope sooner than later we can go on big cruise and see friends and cars.

Be safe.
Update: As most know we have Postponed the spring run.
and cancelled the Dyno run.

We are following the news and updates from all three Provinces
to see what is allowed and what is the safe directive going forward.
We will update our event status as information is released and we can make a
Safe Decision that is in the best interest of our members.

We will in ever case do this in advance of each date, so those who were making plans will know
what we are doing.

I know we all want to get out in our cars, see each other, go to shows and runs.
I am sure at some point we will be able to do this, even if its in a different version than the past.
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