2022 Nationals Saturday July 9th Cruise and Supper

Thank you everyone who made the trip with us today. We got to see some beautiful scenery, some fresher chipseal that slowed us down a bit, a side trip to Mexico driving and some twisties. Jen and I had a blast.

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Looks like a great day, enjoy your day everyone. Wish I could have tagged along
Stuck in the oil patch 12 more days.
We just got home from an awesome day out with the car, followed by an awesome meal at Rossano’s then some car watching on Mountain road. Thank you everyone for the awesome day an evening. We look forward to this every year and we had definitely been missing it the last few years. We met some new people along with some old friends.
Incredible weekend, with Folks as Far away as Digby, Sydney, St. Leonard, St John, Charlottetown
and all points in between. Great friday night run and supper, Sat mini run, then Supper and hanging out on Mountain road.
Lots of Mustang folks heading to park Sat and Sunday, hope everyone had a great weekend and safe travels.

Aliona, Diesel and I has an awesome time, was great to see folks again and look forward to the next event.
Please everyone post lots of pics, lots of amazing Mustangs and lots of cool cars this weekend.
Yes great weekend with great folks from all over.
And some pretty nice cars too.

The Friday night run was nice, along with the meal, but that museum leaves me at a loss for words to describe.
There is do much stuff crammed into such a small footprint.
Both inside and out.
Just on the outside of the building, there is a fortune is porcelaine signs.
And the amount of stuff inside is overwhelming.
Sensory overload.

The Saturday run was awesome.
Great views along the bay of Fundy.
We slowed tight down on the trail or parkway, whatever they call it.
Reason being the chip seal is all relatively fresh in there and still considerable amount of loose stuff all over.
Our tires weee picking that up and throwing it up.

But Charlie found us some redemption from the exit of the trail down to Sussex on a back road.
A lovely rhythm section of twist, turns and elevation changes fir several km’s.
Si fun, I wanted to go back and do it again.
Thanks Charlie.
Once that parkway improves, we’re going back.
Once again thanks to Charlie and Jen for putting weekend together.
We get to enjoy thier hard work and it was a great time.
Firday night was great fun, I had an exceptionally long day, didn't go to museum

I equally enjoyed the Sat run inspite of the loose gravel, still enjoyed park, has incredible views
would love to go back and explore the caves. Sat night supper was great, Nice meal and
as always hanging out watching a rolling car show with great friends for me is always the highlight
of weekend.

thanks all we look forward to the next event :)