2022 Nationals Saturday July 9th Cruise and Supper


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This year for those who will not be attending the Nationals on Saturday we are planning to do a Mustang cruise. Then after our cruise we will meet back up for Supper at Rosannos. The plan is to have a small cruise then allow everyone time to do whatever they want and then meet back up for supper. Then after supper we could watch the cars cruise up and down Mountain road.

So the plan is to leave for a cruise that will be planned out shortly. We would meet at the Westleyan church at 945 St George Street for a 10;00AM departure. We are going to plan on an approximately 4-5 hour run with stops No real official lunch destination but we will stop for coffee and sightseeing so you can bring a sandwich or grab something on one of the stops. Plan is to be back into Moncton between 2 and 3 for those who want to go back home or to their hotels to relax a bit before the evening.

We have made a reservation for 5:30 at Rossano's on Mountain road. After supper we can walk across the parking lot and watch the cars on Mountain road. We have done this a few times and is usually lots of fun.

So let’s start up a signup sheet so we know how many people we can expect for supper.

1.Charlie and Jen
2. Trevor and Aliona
3 Ryan?
4. Marc
5. Kevin and Cindy
6. Alex and Wanda
7. Mike and Carol Ann
8. Dave and Bev

1. Charlie and Jen
2. Trevor and Aliona
3. Gerry
4 Brian
5. Ryan
6. Marc + 1
8. Fred and Linda
9. Alex & Wanda
10. Mike and Carol Ann
11. Max and Julie
12. Phil and Mel
13. Ron and Linda
14. Jason
15. Ed