2021 Events


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Summer events update

We know most of our events have been cancelled and likely any larger events will be as well.
As numbers come down and folks get vaccinated we are hoping to have some freedoms
sooner rather than later. Based on reports of Maritme Provinces, good odds our borders
will open by end of June - early July.

We hope to have our spring run in July or August from all three Provinces to Amherst again.

We also hope to Have our fall run if restrictions lift enough for us to do so safely.

We will update as best we can, based on each provinces restrictions.
Also these are the likely to be our only official events this year.
I know many plan to get around the Maritimes for some much needs Vacations
hope everyone can see a few Mustang friends in their Travels.


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Finally some good news.
WIth the Provinces opening up, things are headed in right direction.
We are starting to plan a spring run in July and Now working on our fall run
Sept 18th plan for it. :)

We hope to have some details over next few days or week and will update
as soon as we do. Get those Mustangs cleaned up, its time to get out and enjoy :)

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