2021 Events


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A quick look at 2021

This is a hopeful look at 2021, with covid and an unknown future, some or all of these
may be adjusted accordingly. We will do our best to give as much heads up as possible
on all event changes.

MaritimeMustang winter party Mid February. ( Cancelled )

Mid May, 3rd annual spring run.

Dyno run, end of May. ( cancelled )

Nationals weekend, early July.

Taylor Ford show, late July. ( cancelled )

MaritimeMustang car show Mid August ??? Cancelled

Bathurst- Acadian peninsula . edition Fall run, 3rd week of Sept.

And as always group get togethers for local events in the Maritimes.
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Our first annual Maritimemustang show, to be hosted a Macphee's
will not be held this year. With everything still up and the air
and rules changing daily / weekly we will wait another year.

Hopefully we get back to normally sooner than later.
As for other events, we are still wait and see approach.