2020 events , possible cancelling.


Staff member
It has been brought up on a few occasions about summer events,
Maritime Mustang.com has planned. We are watching situation
as is the world and will cancel as required, based on information
that we will all have.

Some events might be able to happen with alterations to plans.
At this point its too early to know whats happening next.
But same as you, our #1 concern is everyones safety.

Cruising in your car is likely one of the few things you will be able to do this summer.
Doing runs or big ones might not be possible. We will adjust and notify with notice
of changes or cancellations as we get closer to each event.


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Too many people are still thinking that it's ''14 days quarantine and that's it'' .... Oh god are they ever wrong. Hopefully it will be cured quick, but the more persons that doesn't isolate, the longer it will take to come back to normal ...
at least the radios would work for a while :)