Winter storage - recommendations in Moncton area


Corner Carver
For the records and everyone's information, NO the Metalcore Building is NOT heated nor do they have cameras inside de building. Been putting my car there since I had the Focus ST and never had a problem wether be rodents or anything else. Being in the same building as MetalCore's, there is always someone in the building each day of the week, and the building itself have some kind of security system (his business, never asked/cared for more specific) so I am really confident when I drop the car down there for the winter. Space Wise, Facility does not lack of it.
To be know as well, cannot easily get the car out middle of the winter as other persons stuff is stored there as well once the cars are all parked at their final resting spots for the winter, never too close to the cars but impeeding on the way out. Also, ample space between the cars as well (it's not a ''squeeze to the other guy's mirror'' type of place.