Where's the best place to order hood struts for my 07, any particular type better?

Looking for Ford Performance. I like Summit too, but they are showing limited selection and sold out. American Muscle & Western both coming out of the US at $165 US landed but AM says it's price to Canada includes all brokerage fees also, so looks like better deal. Approximately $220 Canadian probably. Thanks for the help.
I got a set of Redlines years ago, worked great because I peeled the Redline labelling off so they're basic black with no advertising.

Looks a lot closer to the OEM ones that should have been on there in the first place.

Still baffles me how Ford can put factory struts on the F150 and just about everything else, and the Mustang has to suffer from that antique prop rod.

Got a spare set of Ford Performance struts if anyones looking.

Deal fell through, and never bothered re-posting.