What was your first car?


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My first car (in the UK at that time) was a 1969 Ford Escort Estate Mk1, similar to the one shown below, purchased in 1983.

It cost me GBP 225 and I sold it a couple of years later for GBP 250. 1300cc, rear wheel drive and was fun for power sliding in the wet 😀
it started off a dull blue grey metallic, but got a self done spray job and ended up a brighter colour called electric blue.
I remember adding spotlights at the front, a reasonable stereo, and a CB radio!



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My first street legal car, 1968 dodge dart, did not look anywhere near as good as this, slant 6 auto
was 3 different colours and I paid $250 dollars. I drove it for 2 years, one donar car, engine and painted midnight metallic blue
sold it for $500. Have to say it was tough car :) There was alot of firsts in that car lol

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First vehicle was in 1982. It was not pretty. A 1976 Ranger with a 351 Windsor handed down to me on graduation. Two (at least) quirks with it.

Notice the gas tank filler behind the seat? It was from a 73 GMC. Never meant to be there. When we put it in we did the gas gauge wiring backwards so E was Full and F was Empty.

Then when the rear end went, we torched the mounts off it and welded them onto a 1977 LTD II rear end to put in. We needed to cut the two drive shafts in half and weld the front portion of the truck one to the rear half of the LTD to mount. Pretty sure the gear ratio was a bit different too. After the change the speedometer never read right and the last image is where the speed needle usually was whenever there was a good straight road. No idea of the true speed.

Other thing some of us will remember was the high beam switch on the floor by the left foot. Worked well until the floor rusted through and when you went through a puddle the headlights went out.

Picture from the Mactaquac Dam NB Sept '83. Rolled over in freezing rain 3 years later on Prospect Street Fredericton. R.I.P.



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My first road car was made from 3 different cars . Bought it when I was 15, had it on the road for my drivers test 61 days after turning 16 .
Main body was 1973 Mazda 808 coupe. It was the piston engine version of the RX-3 . A second coupe donated some body parts and a larger wagon donated a 1800cc to replace the original 808 engine which came with a rod knock .
This after assembly and paint - Drove it for almost 4 years