Wanted: 8.8 axle housing

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Looking for ford 8.8 housing and carrier.

can be complete or just a housing and carrier.

86-98 mustang unit. Fox or SN95 will work fine.

Open or limited slip unimportant.

Gear ratio unimportant.

99 and later are too wide in the housing tubes to work in my Fox.

I'm running a 7.5 right now and want to switch to an 8.8 for autoslalom (IE: autocross). Bare is fine as the 28 spline axles and brakes from the 7.5 swap right over, but carrier and gears do not.

Let me know what you have lying around.

Would prefer free, but hey: who wouldn't?

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AC Bill

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I thought starting in 94 the axles were longer, so wouldn't your axles be to short for the later housings? I figured 87-93 only..?

great white

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The housings are the same width from 86-98. Housings were wider starting in 99.

Axle shafts are the same length 79-93. When they went to rear disc brakes on the sn95 they had to lenghten the axle shafts to accomodate the bracketry/tone wheels, but the housing width remained the same. They were the same 28 spline shafts so they retrofit 98 right down to 79. 7.5 or 8.8, both are 28 spline carriers.

94-98 shafts in a fox housing make the rear track the same width as the 94-98 sn95 cars. 99+ sn95's are even wider in the rear track but make for serious interference problems on a fox. Just too wide overall.
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