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Here’s a quick explanation of each from Engineering Explained.

Dive Planes

These fixtures are typically located on the right and left sides of the front bumper (see below), and are curved to redirect airflow at the front of the vehicle upward, thus creating downforce. They’re also used to alter the airflow along the sides of the vehicle, attempting to minimise the amount of high pressure air that enters underneath the car (which would create lift/minimise downforce).

Rear Wing

For automotive use, wings (much like on planes) are airfoils, however they are designed to directly deflect airflow upwards, pushing down on the vehicle. Airflow interacting with the wing is forced up, so the vehicle is forced down. However, the benefit of downforce comes at the expense of additional drag.


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Many wings on street car have never been tested or
been in a wind tunnel, they are instaled for looks.
How much affect is often never know or even adverse

On the GT350 and R it was actually tested and choosen because
of its functionality which IMO is really cool.


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Thanks for the info Marc, but I already knew the function and purpose of the added spoilers, and should have taken them in context with the thread title.

I think I had a personal trigger activated when I saw ""SHELBY" splashed across the whole rear spoiler in 1 foot high letters......

I suspect maybe thats why I called it god awful more than anything else.

Since I can't edit my post, let me try again.....

" I hit "Like", but not for that god awful aftermarket wing on the back or the flippers up front. Great for a race car, serves a purpose, but terrible for a street car. I wish I knew what company made the wing on the back. ;) "
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Hey no explanation necessary Mike.
It’s all tongue and cheek.
I’m not a big fan either.
One would have to live near a track and use the car there weekly to make that worthwhile.
Sticks out like a cheap suit anywhere else.
It made for a good segway to insert the videos though.

How about the aero package on that GTR?
Over 1000kg of downforce and over 2g’s of lateral cornering force.
That’s impressive.


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Some wings look good, some not so much.
I agree whole different animal
when speaking about race cars.

I am actually think of some sort of downforce
for the fox body, I don't like the stock wings
of that era, but trying to come up with something.
Maybe nascar style, I suspect some down force
will be good idea on that car LOL.


A short NASCAR type would probably look good on the Fox.

An example here on a car named “Splitr” by the Ring brothers.
I showed front pics of this car before in the cool Mustang thread.
Maybe a little more aggressive angle than this one.

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