Touch Screen Radios in Convertibles?


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The head unit on my Mach 1000 system has decided to quit working so I am looking to replace it with a modern style head unit. Thinking I can get something fairly basic and still get voice calling/answering and Bluetooth streaming but also considering a touch screen unit. My conscern with a large touch screen is what they are like for viewing in the sunshine in a convertible with the top down (pretty much the only way I drive my Stang)! Anyone with a convertible have feedback? Anyone replaced the Mach 1000 head unit on their New Edge Stang? If so was it a hassle or simple enough to do?
I upgraded my 01's touch screen many years ago. It is a Kenwood and the screen is adjustable to different angles. I have never really noticed any issues from not being able to see the screen at the angle it is at except if the sun is directly behind me when driving which I guess is understandable. I know it definitly upgarded the sound quality even by leaving the factory speakers and amps installed. I eventually added a small sub box as we;;.
I've upgraded mine as well, must say one of my most appreciated upgrades and no real issues with the screen either.
Sound improvements are a real positive and Bluetooth is a plus. My buddy did same with his Mustang and he even added the back up camera which is also very nice, we both went with Pioneer and prices have gone way down as compared to the old days.