The Mods I want for Christmas!


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By now, everyone is starting to pick off the gifts for loved ones, family and friends....but there's always that "mod I want for Christmas" that we all wish would end up under the tree or something we would pick up there was any money left after the presents are bought and wrapped.

What's the mod on your list? Maybe if you're a good boy or girl, Santa may come through for you!


I’d like to see the result of 4.10 gears in the green monster.
And a hood tall enough to clear the Boss 302 strut tower brace.
Carbon fibre hood of course. Can’t add weight.
I miss the strut tower brace. Only the Boss one will clear the intake.

For the 2015, finish the brakes I had to abandon last summer. .
Axle back exhaust, 3.55 gears and a retune with good gas.

That’s it. It’s not that much.
Santa should give serious consideration to my wishes.


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So I was able to score a used set of eibach sway bars for the vert.Thanks to Jason and to Gerry with the pony express The needed a bit of TLC in the pain department so I opted ro change the Color from Red to Black since there is no red on my car. I ordered some new stickers and Santa is bringing ng me some new bushings so everything will be nice and tight. CCB61937-6041-4937-BE6F-3A7F1AF67BA9.jpeg