The Mid-Winter Car Detailing Itch... product research and purchase time.


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Hi all. I really enjoy car detailing through the summer months. Mid-Winter I always get this itch to work on my car but it being in storage.... well... have to resort to watching videos on YouTube to see what the latest and greatest products are. My Amazon cart is full of potential product buys that I hope to add to my kit. There seems to be a flood of new ceramic based items, hybrids and silicates hitting the market. I always end up discarding a bunch of it but do get a few of the items. Last years big win for me was P&S Beadmaker. I love that stuff. Goes on easy and so slick. So far this winter... new microfiber drying and polishing towels are on the way. End of April can't get here soon enough. Anyone else enjoy detailing and have any new or old product suggestions? Cheers!

MC Stanger

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I have the ruby red tri-color paint which is as thin as a shadow but shines up well. It has a base coat, color coat and the lacquer coat. I usually do a light hand polish in the spring to remove the oxidation from the winter storage followed by a hand spray wax. Then mid summer and mid fall give it one more light coat of spray wax after a good wash. Usually a light gel automotive soap to cut the dirt. Always finish with a drying towel. I have looked at the ceramic coats but since my car is not new and has a few layers or wax and polish on it I do not feel comfortable trying to strip it clean to apply. From what I read the best time to apply it is when new while the paint is clean.

I am on a drilled well and in the first year I noticed if any water drops did not get removed right away and dried it left a small "ring" around the droplet. Picked up a Taste Pure RV Water Filter for about 30 bucks and added to the hose line where it connects inside the house. The filtering seems to remove a lot of crap in the water. Where it is a drilled well it may be calcium or shale in the water but filtering helps. With the waxing the bugs seem to come off easier in the wash. My shelf has Meguiar's at the ready. In the trunk is a small 6 inch hand squeegee and a bottle of water for when the birds do their target practice along with a roll of blue shop towels. That crap is so acidic. Try not to park by lamp poles in a parking lot. Seems to be their sniper point to find you. A can of Invisible Glass seems to work well for the glass work.

A synthetic "The Absorber" drying towel is used to draw the water off at the end of a wash with no streaking. Never was a fan of hand washing a car but something about the feel of running your hands over the curves of a Mustang just seems right.

Mineral Grey

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I always use Rainx for all exterior glass, 303 for all interior plastic/ vinyl/ rubber/ leather and Trim Serum for exterior rubber/ plastic.. Paint is most always waxed and polished with Autoglym and rims coated with Autoglym rim protector.. I try to do 2-3 deep clean and detail and the rest is just the quick wash and rapid detailer and thanks to Martin Aqua Wax is also used .. I do enjoy detailing but I find it hard to find the time to do it more often ..