Steve McQueen's Bullitt sells for...


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True enough, at the end of the day its just a car, and the only reason its worth that much is because someone was willing to pay it to own it.

If no one gave a crap, it would still be sitting abandoned and rotting away.

Kids today are more concerned about what apps you can run on the cars info-tainment system than the history or performance stats. lol


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It is most likely now a part of a Private Collection that few get to see, and like Dave said, in 50 years no one will remember the movie and Steve McQueen. If it were my Dollar, I’d rather have a Replica that I could drive the Nuts off of at not have to worry about depreciation


Good price for an abundantly famous car.
In same league as Shelby's original Cobra.
Only one of each.
I don’t know about all kids forgetting the movie, the chase and the car. Sure, they’ll forget who McQueen is but not so much the car.
My son knows of the movie and the car, probably not McQueen.
I’m sure most sons of gear heads are the same.
This includes the children of these extra rich collectors.
Car people are a small crowd but car people all the same.
Great sound rolling up to the stage. 😊