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I would stay with Ford performance stuff.
your bigger concern is removing olds ones.
You need to have patience doing this, with
these engines or you may break one and that is not fun.

You put your socket on it and give it one crank until
you here small snap then stop. pour a little penetrating
oil down oil and let sit, even over night, then remove.
If you get too excited removing broken plug is a

05 gt 5spd

On the road again
What year is your car ?
05 to early 08 is the issue. Later 08 onward have a standard design plug.
Just a reminder - I have the tooling for removing the broken plugs if you need it
I would not turn any more than 1/8th turn using a long bar for control - then put a combustion chamber cleaner ( lots of it ) around the plug and let it sit - overnight is best to dissolve- soften the carbon around the extended plug.

Stay with OEM coils - Ford or Ford performance


Stay OEM for plugs and coils.
Ford or Ford Performance.

Listen to the removal advice on plugs if first time.
On 05 to early 08, should be changed every five years regardless of mileage.

Positive thoughts your way if first time.
If been done a couple times already, you should be good.