Sites and sounds of Spring


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Beautiful day today, sunny +9 Yes I know snow tomorrow :(
But this week I seen Geese flying home,
every morning now you hear the birds chirping.

Seen a few muscle cars and exotics out and about,
Motorcycles are now coming out.
Soon time Mustangs will be out of hibernation :)
First run was last week as the car safety was due before March end...and got the plugs changed while in there. Western area has been light on salt for a few weeks and good rains. Hoping tomorrow is minimal crap but we are in 5 - 10 cm but not too cold.

Second run of '22 today up to Middleton NS where the local station got a new locomotive brought in for display during covid. If your down that way you can get close and personal for a shot as it is right on the ATV trail.