Shelby GT Mach E

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Modified by Shelby American, it has electric all-wheel drive (eAWD) and the Performance Edition Extended Range Battery. The Shelby team put an emphasis on cutting edge materials. The stunning exterior features graphene infused carbon fiber body panels, and the vehicle rides on a composite spring suspension. The team is also in development on powertrain improvements to the EV platform. Unveiled at SEMA.




My Son-in-law works at a Ford dealer, and brought an E-Mach home the other day. It had some pretty trick features I have to admit. I liked the Mustang image it projects on to the ground, beside the car. You can actually choose a V8 engine sound, that is projected through speakers, otherwise it is dead quiet. The camera has an interesting function choice, whereas you can look down at the car from a height, and see everything around it for several yards. Like a close up from Google Earth. The large function screen had several menu choices, which would be fun to play around with, if I had more time. I never got to take it for a spin to see how it performs, which may be lucky for him, as it data logs everything that happens, and stores it in memory bank. The dealership might not be impressed if they saw I was racing it around. It also logs every place you've been, so no, to sneaking over to the girlfriend's
Some call this a Puddle light


V8 engine sound..


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I am shocked Shelby America would even touch this,
rings $$$$$ Carroll will be rolling in his grave.

But most know how I feel about the MACHE
FOr what its worth I have no problme with electric,
even though I have no interest, just never should
have been called a mustang, embarrassing IMO.


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Directly from the Shelby press release:

"My grandfather, Carroll Shelby relentlessly experimented with new technologies to gain a competitive edge," said Aaron Shelby, Board Member of Carroll Shelby International. "He researched everything from exotic materials to alternative propulsion systems, including electrification. Before his passing, Carroll told me that he hoped to see the future of EV from a performance perspective. Working closely with the team at Ford, our Shelby Mustang Mach-E GT was built in Carroll's spirit of innovation as we strive to fulfill his visionary dreams."

Yes, media men probably told him to read that script but anyways. :ROFLMAO:

And here's the part following:

Carroll Shelby discussed the subject in an interview published by Ford Performance 10 years ago this month. "...we’re getting into so many things that I think are interesting," said Carroll Shelby. “Electric cars, different types of fuel. They're calling them the 'green years.' And I’d like to be around to see how this works out. I’d like to be a part of it.

can be read here.

The future times will be interesting for sure. We won't know the performances of this unit until some news outlet takes this one for a spin. Nice vehicle nonetheless, hopefully the performances are there!


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I have no issue either with the Electrical car,
I believe from a perfromance point of view the possibilites are endless.
Also they we be insane quick with endless torque.

If Ford wants to be a leader cool, but agree name it
something else, so many choices, bean counters forced this
and Ford bent over, Mustang is likely the most recognized car name
in the world, this is all about $$$$$ History, heritage be damned.

All that said for me driving a car is an experince and I am a can guy.
So somethings will never be what I want, doesn't mean not cool or fast
or many other things. I think the new GT 500 is incredible, but not for me.
I want the manual, to be connected to driving it. Will I be slower, no doubt.
But the feel, the sound, the smell is all part of it.

As I age, I might have to make other choices, fine when I have to I will,
but untill then I want ground pounding, fuel burning smell and feed back
from gas, clutch, brakes, shifter and steering wheel.
If the stereo is on, I want hear a great driving tune, not some fake hollywood sound bite :)