Road Conditions - Update


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There seems to be lots of road work around HRM. How about in your neck of the woods.

Here are a few I have noticed:
Dartmouth - North bound on Circ from wood side to Banook Lake just by Mic Mac Mall.
Bedford - From the top of magazine hill after the bedfor exit through by pass north to Sackville at connection to 101.

These two are areas where they ground down the pavement for repaving. A good spot for stone chips.

If you have any to report, fire away.


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Doing what I do, I see a lot of this, so at least know
where to go to avoid.
But road reports are a great Idea.

Was construction on Prince Albert, along
lake Banook, but I believe its done now.
Bridge being done in Eastern passage
by fishermen cove.

Several projects on 102 north headed towards truro.


From Nova Scotia TIR twitter
Colchester: Highway 102 just past Exit 11 Northbound is reduced to one lane for bridge repairs for the next 2 weeks concrete barriers are in place the Lane width is restricted to 3.9m