Rental cars


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I would probably be hesitant to buy one and this story supports why.

My lovely wife rented this Durango this past summer,nice SUV gotta admit no idea price,never cared.

So every car we have that she drives,her Cadillac,Enclave or Suburban has the radio volume behind the steering wheel,see where this is going?

She pulls out to pass and must decide she wants to turn the radio down and is down shifting with the paddle on the Rental.

She floors it and is going nowhere,revs like crazy she said.

She pulls over since she is losing speed and it shut off. Restarts and she continues to Fredericton,has no idea what caused it until I tell her that isn't the volume control on a dodge.

Pretty dangerous when you think about ti,why can't some things be generic regardless of manufacturer?



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Yeah that can be scary. I hate getting into a new vehicle for the first little bit. Everything is not always where it should be for convenience either. Some people that design these cars can make us scratch our heads sometimes.


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Funny how you cant leave a rental shop with a roto tiller without an operator briefing but they toss the keys to a 30k car without anymore that being able to post a charge to a credit card!
Simple you have a drivers Lic, so presume you know how to drive.
In fairness most people would need a two week course for a 2 day rental.

Roto tiller, they try and make sure so you come back with fingers, makes since.

When I drive anything new, rental or anything, I spend a couple minutes checking out controls
and features as each car is slightly different. Wife's car has phone and radio controls on opposite side
as to my truck, so every time I get in her car I change the radio station by mistake lol.
At least that won't kill me :)

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My daughter just bought a new to her car , I made her sit in it and find out exactly where everything is before she drove it . Many things were different front her previous car. Last thing you want is to go off the road doing 120 because you can't find the wiper or washer knob after a semi covers you in dirty slush .