Question about superchargers


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Anyone familiar with the lifespan of a supercharger? I have been running a V3 Vortec and intercooler combination for about 155,000 k and am concerned that the gears might be getting worn, although the car runs great. Gears make a little noise until the oil from the reservoir circulates upwards onto the gears. Although I think is somewhat normal I am thinking about sending it back for a rebuild. Anyone have any thoughts?


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I didn't run that type of SC on my 08, but considered right from the get go,
the engine needed more strength
for the long term life of engine.
I never got that far.

I am not sure what the life expectancy of a vortex SC is.
I also don't know how much extra wear it puts on engine parts.
I have been on trips with you, I suspect some wear :)

Maybe you have 2 options, rebuild SC with engine to follow at some point or
drive it till it blows up. While waiting for that to happen, building a replacement engine
with SC could be fun :)


Good question.
Sorry I can’t help.
Have no such knowledge of SC’s.
N/A only for me.
SC’s of all forms popular in the GTA (Greater Toronto area) where 1/4 mile racing is also popular.
If you can access forums from that area, you might get answers you seek.
Can you not lean on the shop that did your install for your answers?
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After 155,000 kilometers of spirited driving, a refresh of Super Charter and Engine at same time would be a good idea. The set up has served to well and with a refresh it will get you through your Golden Years.


Glenn, wasn’t that SC installed by Dasilva in Ontario before the car found its way to the Maritimes?
Using that connection as rationale, you could give them a call with some of your questions.
In my earlier post, I had them in mind but was being subtle.
They install a lot of those and have been for several years.
They see a lot in their shop and at the drag strip.
I'm sure they can shed some light on your situation.
The fact that they installed it is a good reason to reach out to them.


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From what i recollect reading on another forum somewhere, there's maintenance involved in that type of SC, meaning there'S an oil change interval for the supercharger, as you do change your oil in the engine. Granted, this change interval is usually in the 50k MILES (if memory serves me well), i am sure DaSilva Racing as Marc said above will be able to point you in the right direction.
If the oil never have been changed, then MAYBE you have to rebuild the unit due to wear caused by older oil. Again, they'll be of great help i am sure!

Who knowS? Maybe that's the only thing it needs, SC oil ;)


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Not yet, been busy trying to put the house back together for Christmas. I’ll get on it again in the New Year. You been busy?
Me, well I always have something to do. But I have finally caught up.
Normal days now unless it snows, then I get the crazy hours.
Really need to clean my garage.


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Had a good chat with DaSilva about the supercharger today...
He sorta remembered the car because of all the work they had done on it back in 2008. Short version is that with the V3 Si models the oil drains down into the reservoir and you need to run it for a couple of minutes before the oil gets splashed back up around the gears, etc so there tends to be a bit of noise at start up due to the design, which I knew.
Also, this V3 has it's own oil reservoir and I change the oil every 5000 kms at the same time as the engine oil, so any wear wold be minimal, even though I have over 150,000 kms on it.
He suggested that I let it run for a couple of minutes and place a stethoscope on the supercharger to see if I can pick up any loose bearing sounds, if not, don't worry about it. If so, contact Vortech to have it rebuilt.
So next on the list is catch Trevor and visit our babies in storage to check it out.