Possibly dumb questions...


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Sorry in advance if these are dumb dumb questions but I couldn't find a exact answer on any forums..

1) are Ford 8.8s all the same when it comes to purchasing gears? 3.73s...

2) would 289/302 F150s long tube headers fit a sn95 302? (Not sure if the truck is 2wd or 4wd and it may be a '95) some say they do and others say they hit the bell housing on 94/95cars... I'm leaning towards them not fitting probably..

Thanks for taking the time to answer.
hopefully someone here has answer. It's my understanding that the Ford 8.8 rear ends should all be the same, but I don't know 100%. As for the headers, i don't have any experience in those years..
good luck

This is the same answer I would give.

I believe all 8.8 solid axles are the same.
Only one way to make gears for them.

Different story for the IRS (Independent Rear Suspension), which does not apply here.
Those have a gear carrier. I think that’s what they call it.
Small and large.
The small can accommodate up to 3.31, S550 automatic.
The large carrier is standard on manual S550, Bullitt, Mach and Shelby.
It will hold 3,55 and up gears.

So if want to do gears on S550 automatic, one must also change that carrier, which leads to more expense.
Just as easy to switch out the whole rear end and save labour.
Get the whole thing from Ford Performance, gears and all.

But on solid axle, just old fashioned gear swap. Right shims for proper lash adjustment, whale blubber additive and good to go.
This is why I specify 8.8 solid axle at the top.

I don’t have any experience with the headers you reference. Sorry.
Take this answer with a grain of salt as i am no mechanic, but just common understanding of stuff being put together and tinkering in my spare time once in a while.
A) with the majority on this. 8.8 rear ends, i believe, are somewhat universal minus some specific differences (i.e. IRS mustangs).

B) As far as your header situation is concerned. Even if it is the same motor, but in two different Ford products, the likelihood of the truck header fitting the mustang is either slim to none or shear luck. The reason I said this is that the exhaust system (including the headers), are engineered to fit the chassis they are being used on. In your mentioned case, a 289/302 pickup truck header would be engineered to fit the space available within the truck's body (read following the OE exhaust routing).
The same would be true for an exhaust dedicated to an SN95 mustang. For this sole reason, I believe that there are very small chances a full size truck header system would fit within a compact sports car body. It is not about not fitting at the motor, it's about hitting the body components or even motor components that would have (may have) been relocated on the mustang 302 in reference to the truck's 302 in order to fit within the Mustang frame.

Sorry if the quick (well, not that quick) personal explanation isn't clear.

In your place, even if the truck's headers seems a bargain, they most likely will take money and time to massage and thinker to get to fit the SN95 body without leaks or interference.
my $0.02.
I beleive you got your gear answers and I agree.
Headers, should be specific, Like max said.
its not just engine, but how they fit what they are only.
Also unless lucky I would not buy used headers.

Headers also most expensive is not always best,
example, I am doing coyote in fox body,
Kooks one of best is $1500
BBQ which are know to fit this build the best
with least amount of problems are $750

IMO make sure they will fit car as much as engine