New Hampshire run, June 7th, 8th, 9th


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Time to post New Hamshire run, formerly ( Dyno run)
June 7th to 9th, Details to follow.

This run Starts Early friday morning from Moncton 7-8am
and Heads into Maine / New Hampshire. Details to follow.

Lots of driving, plenty of cool sights and roads,
for those who need to know this is not a shopping run :)

Leave Moncton Friday morning early, heading down through Calais
to Hotel southern Maine or New Hampshire, with lots of driving
through some cool areas and roads Saturday, heading back / home Sunday.
Lots of miles and smiles.

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1-Gerry + brian
2- Trevor
3- Al
4- Rich
5- Kevin
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Here is are a couple of drone shots of all the cars that shows the roof better. The red one belongs to Troy Gorrill from PEI - nice car.
View attachment 73864View attachment 73865
Looks like my car only thing is that mine is white .wonder if it as been purchased about few years back
Because had a friend that had one just like that with low miles and sold it about 2 or 3 years back if i remember good .