New Bronco


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I like the GT if they make it, I will have one.
Problem is, wife gets new car this summer,
so do I lease for 2 years, hmmmmm.


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I'll have to keep my eye on this one, wife likes it. There may be a small problem though, all Bronco's have been two doors. Might as well have a Mustang with two doors, lol.
had a Bronco II back a few years back, really liked it. I bought it used one night, thought it was red. But when I looked at it in the day light it was orange. I have never been very good with colours.

AC Bill

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Why not wait till the 2018 Gull Wing Lincoln Navigator becomes available, in case you like it better..



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That's another snack bracket I expect. Interesting though. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. Gullwing you say, freezing rain, and gull wing don't go together I bet.


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ya not likely, some version with a turbo i expect,
V-8's are going to get rare I believe.
Sad day.
Make lemonade out of lemons...

25 yrs ago I had an 83 Bronco II with a blown motor, but solid drivetrain....and an Olds 307 motor kicking around. Amazing what you can do with a hoist, engine jack, a cutting torch, some antifreeze and a couple quarts of oil!

Who'd be the first to do an LS swap into a new Bronco.... somebody has to be thinking about it!!