Neighbours and the crazy things they do


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We were talking at work this week about neighbours and how some.of them can be difficult to get along with. Many people have had some run ins I am sure. Please share your story funny or not so we can have a chuckle or see how some people just go overboard. You can even share something you saw or heard of if you want.

Here is a guy that had a loud exhaust on his Mustang I guess that someone did not like. So they warned him then sprayed expanding foam in his exhaust. Supposedly he is going to take them completly off now while he fixes them.

I am some glad I live in the country with nobody stuck to me. LolE07E8D2A-C3D2-427D-8E42-B343B5136C4A.jpegCCE43196-16F9-4B9B-B304-55F58A61F341.jpeg


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I'm really lucky to have amazing neighbours where I am now, everyone gets along well.

Surely with a vaguely threatening note like that, and doing damage to the guys car on his property, the neighbours could be charged with something. 513 Area code is Cincinnati , do that kind of stuff down there and you're asking to get shot. lol


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Yeah I agree. Definitely some repercussions would be had there. Still crazy.
A coworker had a new neighbour move in. Co worker already had one of those dog fences installed. Budy tried to install one and they were interfering with each other so Co worker agrees to turn his off. Budy decides that's not good enough ties his dog in the front yard with enough rope tgat he can Shit on buddy's front lawn. Their dog ends up getting wrapped up on a shrub of some sort and pulls it right out of the lawn. The Co worker is mad. Neighbour says well if your fence would not have interfered with mine I would not have had to do that. My Co worker said well maybe 15' of rope would have been the better solution.


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I Live in a townhouse, so basically my house IS ATTACHED to six or seven others (lost count lol). I am always scared about starting the car and waking up the whole neighborhood and I only have axleback as everyone knows.
I am almost counting the days before we build the next house on the lot we just bought, but realistically this is going to happen in 5-6 years from now (we have our plan, slow, but logical :ROFLMAO:). 1.36Acres, I won't be hooked onto anyone again.

Quick snip of around the driveway should explain my car startup anxieties lol 😅:ROFLMAO: my house is where the orange subaru is in the picture.


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I am lucky and don't have to bad of Neighbour's, ones a little nuts but harmless.
Actually he would be eccentric, when you have as much money as him.
If poor your nuts.

Over the years only had a few, that were difficult, none really bad.


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Build the garage first. Add a loft to live in frugally then throw on the house you can afford afterward. You'll have the garage you think you'll need and by living in it for a short time, you'll have your treehouse to hide in rather than sleeping on the couch!


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Whereabouts is it Max?
just at the entrance of irishtown, as a matter of fact, put the signal light at the irishtown sign as the street is litterally immediately right after. Quiet peaceful road, only one other lot remaining to sell in there. we really love the place.
plans are to build a good size house (1500sf give or take) with attached double garage AND a good size separate one as well for the wash bay/mustang storage/do my own mechanic area. Plan to have water in there to wash inside, away from the frigging sun, and have a washer/dryer right in there just for he microfiber wash. still a lot of time to plan and set ahead.
Trevor, plan is to pick away at it little by little. Will probably buy myself a chainsaw in the next few weeks so we can start clearing the dead 🌲 and commence to open the middle portion of the lot for planning of the future and such


Fred, are we allowed to guess who the one antisocial neighbour is?

And to make it fare for everyone, I won’t say who I think it is. 😎


Nice plan Max.
You know what they say about garages.
Mo matter how big you build, once you start using, you always wish you had gone bigger.
So when you’re deciding on plan and budget and struggling to decide if you should go 26 or 28 feet deep, or between 24 or 26 wide, if you can afford it, go to the larger dimension you are debating.

For the house, not same rule.
You adapt, and if anything, as you get older, you wish it was smaller.
Especially after kids go.
Less heating, less cleaning, less maintenance and less crap accumulated.

Just my take on things.


If it was just Angie and me our house would be too big for us but with our daughter being with us for the foreseeable future it works out well. She has her own space,Angie and I have ours and Angie and each have our own space as well


My bad neighbour is the Irving sawmill just down the road here.
Makes it impossible for a car guy to take his cars out without having them be filthy only 4 km from leaving the house.

They cross our road with a private road of their own for their off-road trucks to supply the mill.
They wet the road with a water tanker to keep dust down.
That creates mud that turns into more dust an hour later when it dries.
And even though they have the largest industrial size mechanical sweeper in the north of the province, they’re afraid to use it.
They have to sweep that mud off the road when it’s wet.
But it’s a hired contractor that operates the pay loaders that hook onto the sweeper.

If you stop by his shop when they’re in the yard, they make fun of you by asking who’s going to pay? Or they remind you that it’s a public road so it’s DTI’s responsibility.
If you politely press a little more, they smarten up just enough to tell you that those orders must come from the mill management who hires them.

Then you go to the mill, and some little shit of a “supervisor” asks you how you can tell it’s their mud?

Once in a while you run across one of the managers and you bring it up.
They haven’t a clue because all the other people complain about dust.
You’re the first to mention mud.
Before you lose your shit, you give him a quick lesson in chemistry and explain how dirt and water make mud, that once the mud dries it makes extreme amounts of dust as all the truck traffic passes by.
That we’re all complaining about the same damned thing, Moron!
But you bite your tongue for that last bit.

You try to explain that “The Mill” is not a good community member by behaving this way.
They are not a good neighbour or citizen.
That surely with all their resources, they can manage the mud from their operation on the road, so that the rest of the community can be less impacted.
Perhaps benefit from greater community support in return.
You give it a shot anyway.

So he explains that they have a “new” supervisor looking after the yard and that responsibility falls to that person.
But that he’ll have a talk with said imbecile.

That works the very next day and may give you a 48 hour reprieve, if your lucky.
But rest assured, by the end of the week it’s as if nothing had ever changed.

So you stop again by the contractor’s garage next time you see them in the yard and you try again.
It can’t get any worse, right?
They again play stupid, or should I say show you how stupid they are.
They don’t have to play.
They mention DTI again and to address complaints with the mill.

So some wonderful day, by sheer luck and coincidence you run into the local DTI road supervisor and recount the issue.

You are left dumbfounded when his reply is something to the affect of “ ...well, what do you want me to do, it’s Irving...?”

He’s partly right because the DTI dosen’t have a sweeper anywhere near the size or quality that that Irving contractor has, and Irving owns every politician, deputy minister and DTI engineer anyway.

The government is so afraid of Irving that Irving might as well be the provincial government.

You guys got me going on this one. 😡
Can you tell it’s a soar point with me?

And now Irving has a plan to divert our road to take away our access to the TCH exit at the mill, making the exit strictly for the mill and its peripheral operations of pellet manufacturing, trucking and rail activity.

And we’re still going to have to cross paths with the off-road trucks.
No, they’re not touching that.
Costs too much and us hicks who live in rural areas are expendable.
And the coup de grace, the Provincial government is on the hook for the majority of the project because roads and highways is their jurisdiction. ☹


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Well if you have the time, heres something that might make them work or atleast cause enough stink
to make them smarten up a bit. One go to media, the folks down in St. John don't want stuff like this
in the news and consdiering they have the gear and guy on site to do, why is he not doing his job.
Iriving rattles some cages, those fellows would have it so clean, you could eat lunch there.

2nd option, little planning required. load up your shovel, and push broom and head out.
remember timing is everything, do this at busiest time. Block the side road from trucks crossing
get out and slowly start shoveling and sweeping.
When trucks show up and can't get through, you politely answer, just cleaning up your mess
that the guy at the garage told me to see plant manger and he had to talk to yard supervisor and I need
to get my clean car to a very important event later, so I thought I would help out.

So I am here to do their job, of course sir ( mr Trucker driver) if you would like to call the plant, who can call the supervisor
who could call the garage who is suppose to do this and give me a hand, I could get out of your way faster.
Or you could grab a broom and pitch in. I have water here if you get hot. :)

This will piss off the approapraite people, try not to get arrested and stay polite through whole process,
its the only way you have a chance. Remind them you have events all summer and if they can keep it clean
you won't come back to clean anymore :)

Of course keep in mind I wrote this from some level of experince to same but different scenario :)
If done right it works, your just the guy, trying to help solve a multi billion dollar companies problem'

Was done here last spring to great affect in truro and department of highways :)
( this was not me )


Love both those ideas.
Have thought of both actually.

Thought of going down with tractor, broom and shovel and start shovelling dirt into the bucket.
But I have a temper with these things and my thoughts extended to returning the dirt by going and dumping it for them on their office entrance walkway.

Have not acted on that.