My new-to-me M3


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Here it is. Sorry for not posting sooner :)

2015 BMW M3
7 speed DCT transmission
Twin-turbo inline-6 motor

Since purchasing I've added a set of cold-air intakes and an upgraded mid-pipe for both performance and sound mods. It has a selectable exhaust note that goes from "efficient" to "sport plus".
I've also added the popular "bootmod3" tune to the car, which allows you to tune and tweak all kinds of things on this (and other) BMW's.

As it sits now, it supposedly has an increase of ~20% HP and ~22% TQ, so something like 500hp and 495tq (at the motor)?

The car is really fast. The DCT is pretty awesome too. Not sure I would love it if I was in stop-and-go traffic all day, but when you are accelerating hard the shifts are just amazing.

Possible future mods?
- lower it by just a hair
- window tint (i don't understand how they let this car leave a factory without tint)
- small spoiler on the trunk
- black front grilles
- upgraded 'boost pipes' and down pipesIMG_1924.jpeg
A sweet ride! Can't wait to see it up close!
So Phil, will this one be the MM rabbit or the MM support vehicle carrying booster cables & air compressor behind Gerry on the runs?!

I don't think it's a good idea to be the rabbit... you would be so far behind me and all... :) Yeah -- I can hang with Gerry and make sure he doesn't get lost!
Love them both and fun to drive but I still LOVE my stang the mosr


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Seen the Miata Group meet last Sunday,
amazing how many women allow thier men to drive their
cars at those events :)