For Sale Mustangs for sale


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We have a few folks looking for mustangs for sale,
anything decent or something they could look at post
it here, if someone you know, give some insight.

hopefully it helps a little as we all see stuff,
maybe good, maybe something that folks can look at
Good luck to those looking.

If folks are looking for something specific, let us know
might save time for posters :)




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Anyone in Quebec who could check this one out?

Just so you + anyone else knows, bought my 2007 in 2017 @ 108K for $15k. Mine was totally stock minus an intake + axle backs. He is stating his price is negotiable ''but he won't give it away'', I think somebody should be able to get it for around the $15k mark if ever able to get the car seen/checked.


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Remember what I posted in the other thread.
The market has changed.
All used cars are worth more than they were two years ago.

It is up for negotiation.
History is being made.
What it was worth a year ago matters no more.
Yes it's actually strange to watch some of the prices. Really makes it hard if you are buying. Great is if you are selling.