Move adverts?

great white

Grumpy Old Fart
Could we possibly move the advertisements from beside the posts to either at the top banner or a banner on the bottom?

With them of to the side it makes the area left to read the posts very small, like 1/3 of the available screen.

I'm not saying get rid of them (I know someone has to pay for the site), just move them to a different spot. Top of the page would be primo billing, which should make advertisers happy.

Not such a big deal on a laptop, but my old eyes don't do too well with that small area on my tablet or iphone....


Staff member
What we have found is they are different on every phone, tablet and computer.
So even 2 people with same phone can have slightly different view.
That could be somewhat explained by individual setting on phone.

Moving this stuff around is not an easy task. everything that exists has its on setup
and box if you will. to move it requires adjusting everything. not just moving it from
one place to another.

So if we are going to move it, We would need a fair amount of data to know we are not making
it better for one and worse for others and if not careful, could just make it worse period.
hope this helps explain a little.