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The Calendars have arrived. Everything turned out well and they look great.
we have 40 for sale, first come first serve. $15.00 plus mailing if required.
We will use pony express if and when possible. Let me know who wants one :)
If I don't know your name, tell me when you order or I will use your handle :)

Jason - 2 received.
Charlie- 1 (Charlie)
Al - 2 (Charlie)
Fred - 3 (Charlie)
Roger - 2 (Charlie)
Aaron - 2
Mike - 3
Mike -4
Maxime-1 (Charlie)
Elide-2 (Charlie)
Martin-1 (Charlie)
Gerry- 2
Howard-2 (Aaron)
Marc -2
Carlos - 2 (Charlie + Al)
Ve9nom - 1 (Charlie)
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I'll take two.
Planning a quick trip to the Moncton area in next few weeks so could possibly pick them up from Charlie if we can coordinate things ?