Maritime Mustang Swag


Staff member
We finally got some more stuff in, still waiting for new hats
We have our standard T-shirts, but in this order you will see we have a mix of colours,
also have some Golf shirts and limited amount of fleece shirts.
The odd colours are limited in amount and maybe sizes but hopefully, something different for those
who want different colours and look.

T-shirts have horse logo on front and full maritime mustang logo on back.
Golf and fleece shirts have Horse logo on front only.
Once I have a chance to sort through it better, I will get some To New Brunswick
and PEI, so we can get to folks who want.

Few pics to follow.


Staff member
Don't get to excited about ordering to much yet, normal t-shirts are every size,
How I managed to get so much variety is buying over stocked items,
I need time to go through it all to see what I have for numbers and sizes,
anything can be ordered, but price normally goes up significantly.

We will do our best to get everyone what they want :)