Man Cave or Garage

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the guy that I was talking to might be a bullshi**er he was estimating a tank per year - thanks guys
One more thing to echo others responses here. I also installed two 18000btu mini splits one up and the other downstairs. I use to go through 4 cord of wood per year then switched to pellets, the last couple of years before switching to mini splits I was going through ruffly 1500$ worth the pellets per year. After switching to mini splits (AC is a bonus) my power bill has only gone up 100 more per winter months. Summer should stay the same now that the pool is gone. So for my situation that would equate to a 900$ saving per year. No mess or fuss.

Now take into consideration the cost of the Two mini splits plus maintenance, versus savings over time. It was worth it for me if not just for the convenience.

If electric base board is your only source then in my opinion well well worth the change.

That’s why I am looking to also switch the garage over ………….

Now Honestly I am not a dealer or distributor of any heat pump product, or represent any family members with this post on this site

Just a rant and bored day in the oil field…… hahahahahahaha 😂

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My dog house is 38x28 10 ft ceilings . 2x4 walls, insulated -12x8 and 10x8 doors , plus a man door . Building stays at 8-10c through the winter, like you warmer when I go out to work which would include most weekend an likely a day through the week. 80,000 btu ceiling mount propane , burns about 2 tanks a year. Quick heat, clean and convenient but not cheap. Electrical constraints would limit my mini split choices.