Hi, I'm new to the site with an 05 Mustang Gt

Ho crap!
The guy you nought from is a shister.
He’s playing you.
He’s trying yo sell you something he should have included in the original deal.

Anyway, that’s your choice now.
Buy the tuner from him or pass.

As Mineral Grey said, it probably contains your stock tune, which is valuable.
His advice to check that and ensure it works with your car first is great advice.

If it does not contain your stock tune, a hard pass is advised.

Then, getting the SCT and getting Downey’s to flash you back to stock is best course.
Once you secure a stock tune, dump the SCT tune appropriate for your mods in and run that until you decide to get a custom tune, as Ohtobbad suggests.

I don’t know who Raven is, but have herd several first hand accounts about Pete in NH and would have no reservations in recommending.

Being in northern NB, I started dealing with Dasilva racing in Pickering, ON, in 2008 and all my tuning is done by them.
I do believe he's kind of odd about it. I just lucked out with the car because he didn't even know what was done to it. I found paperwork in the truck that showed service records and the receipts of aftermarket parts and the tuning at raven. I actually called the guy on the paperwork and talked to him and he still had a list on his phone of the modifications. The guy I bought the car from said he sold the bama tuner because it wasn't needed after raven and just told me that he bought it back from his uncle. I've asked him if it still has the stock tune in it and he won't answer me, which is pretty common with him. It is kind of funny though that a few weeks back he sent me a message asking if he could buy the car back because his new one doesn't scare him like this one did lol.


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I don't know about you, but it sounds so sketchy I'd be more than happy to sell it back to him and look for something with a little less story behind it. lol

He didn't know what was done to it, yet he had a list on his phone of the mods ??? Huh?

Anytime you're asking questions and not getting an answer.....phew, I'd be out.
I don't know about you, but it sounds so sketchy I'd be more than happy to sell it back to him and look for something with a little less story behind it. lol

He didn't know what was done to it, yet he had a list on his phone of the mods ??? Huh?

Anytime you're asking questions and not getting an answer.....phew, I'd be out.

Two different owners. The original owner was from Yarmouth and he is the one with the list on his phone. He was a very nice guy and told me everything I wanted to know about the car.
The guy I bought it from is from halifax and from what I can tell is just a young kid. I don't need anything else from the guy I bought it from other than knowing if the bama tuner still have the factory tune and I've pretty much given up on it now. It's not often that you can buy a 17 year old car and hear most of the history of it right up the the last couple years.
If the car wasn't in as good of shape as it is, I might have taken him up on the offer to buy it back but I really lucked out getting it for the price I did.


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Gotcha. In perfect world, I agree with Marc, you'd get the tuner with the original tune and have everything you need.

Either way, sounds like you've got 'er all under control.

Incidentally, don't be shy about dropping a pic in the 2022 calendar competition thread, the calendars are pretty awesome.


Based on what you’ve laid out here, I have a theory on that Bama tuner.

1st- the way those tuners work is when they are used to dump a tune in a car, any car or truck, they lock or marry themselves to that vehicle by taking in the stock tune when they dump the mod tune.

So if it contains the stock tune from one car it won’t work with another vehicle.
In layman’s terms it is locked to the first car.

This would explains why the young guy’s uncle returned it to him.
He thought he was going to benefit from a mod tune out of it but it did not work for him because it’s still locked to your car.

2nd- I think the young guy can’t tell you if the tuner contains your tune because he doesn’t know how they work.
If he did, he would have known that it was useless to sell it to his uncle unless the uncle was ready to send it to Bama and pay a couple hundred dollars with an explanation as to why it needed to be unlocked.

I guess I was a bit hard on the kid.
He’s not a shister.
He’s just ignorant as dirt when it comes to these tuners.

Of note, Bama does not make tuners.
They actually use SCT tuners and put a Bama sticker over the SCT logo.
They are a tuning house, and do the tuning for American Muscle.
So what the kid is describing to you as a Bama tuner is almost assuredly an SCT tuner that contains a Bama tune.

Odds are very good it still contains your stock tune.
Because the only way to remove it is as I described above, to have Bama unlock it.
He hasn’t done that because it didn’t work for the uncle.

You may use this information to educate the kid on the fact that the tuner is otherwise useless to him.
All he can use it for is to read and temporarily clear certain trouble codes.

Maybe you can leverage that knowledge to make an offer you find reasonable and he can agree with.

You’ll only really know if it contains your stock tune when you plug it in to your car.
I've heard that a tuner is locked to the car but how is it that you can unlock it? I know that each tuner only has so many marriages and can be unlocked, but do you need the car itself to do it? I've tried again sending the guy a message and he isn't getting back to me. I don't know what he did with it before the car was taken to raven to be tuned.


When you dump a aftermarket tune in a car, the tuner stores the car’s OE tune in itself during the process.
From then on, the tuner will only work with that car.

If you plug the tuner back into that original car, to which the tuner is now locked to, and return that car to stock, that unlocks the tuner.

Then the tuner could be used with a different car, to which it will lock itself to again.

A tuner can only work with one car at a time.
If tuner is locked and separated from its locked to car, it needs to be sent to SCT to be unlocked for a price and possibly an explanation as to what circumstances lead to needing the tuner unlocked.
And the car to which the tuner was locked to, has lost its OE tune for good.

If a OE tune is required after that, it needs to come from a dealership, at a price once more.