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Captain Obvious here, but having owned an S197 and now an S550, I found a night and day difference between the three link and the IRS.

The 2016 is amazingly well planted and stable seemingly at all times, except maybe for that guy who crashed his supercharged GT350 street racing in Mexico lol.

The S197 was good, but not as good. I never got to the pan hard bar, but the Ford Racing Handling Pack did wonders to make it better.


Yes big difference between S197 and S550.

As much as your Ford Racing handling pack helped, Panhard bar would have improved upon that some more.

With denser poly bushings it would have given you more of that planted and stable feeling in that the rear axle does not sway from side to side under the car.
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But then again, you’re one of the lucky ones to be in a Shelby.
That is amazing handling.

When I drove my ‘15 home last spring, I was disappointed with suspension.
Not at the cornering ability but the fact that the rear pogo sticked up and down over road imperfections.

In that moment I regretted buying the car without test driving it first.
It just confirmed to me that there would be no delay in upgrading suspension.

My conclusion: for any type of spirited driving,
minimum trim for S550 Mustang needs to be PP1.
Base GT is simply not good enough.


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This 1967 Ford Mustang has a nickname of Nightmare and rightfully so! As you can hear, it sounds pretty mean and looks amazing.

520ci engine with 700 horsepower and 700 lbs/ft torque.
Triangulated four link air suspension.
3:55 gear ratio.
Ferrari leather interior.
40G audio system.

This beast has an appraised value of $700,000CAD. Thanks to 360 Fabrication and LBMG for the tour!