cool vehicles that are different

Electric ok for the moon like above.
It can recharge with solar panels.
Might be hard to find 91 octane up there. ?
But otherwise, yah, no not much interest.
Will resist as long as possible.

Can do other stuff to be green.
Use LED’s and turn off lights when not in use.
Use heat pumps and other efficient heating.
Proper insulation on buildings.
Don’t let vehicles idle needlessly and keep them in good working condition.
The list can be long.
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There’s a dealer for these in Grand Falls here.
In fact, that one in Moncton is from here.
The M&M logo on the side is the dealer logo.
It stands for Metal & Mechanic.
Maybe they’re the dealer for all of NB, or even the maritimes?
I’ve seen other vids.
Those things are unstoppable.