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Maybe down on horsepower but doing well in torque department.
And torque is what moves heavy vehicles.

I will quote Carrol Shelby.
He is credited with saying: “Horsepower sells cars, but Torque wins races”.
When driving a 3.5 ecoboost, you get a sense for what he meant.

I’m a fan of V8’s too, but the torque and motivation of the 3.5 ecoboost in an F150 is undeniable.

We know it makes over 600 hp in the GT.
So the F150 version is conservative.
Maybe they can turn the wick up some more on it.
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ha ha ha Marc, you can't possibly say anything that will make me like the EB in the Raptor.

Sure 434 lb-ft vs 510 lb-ft, 411 hp vs 450 hp and 500 lbs less weight.

The numbers don't lie, the logic makes perfect sense and Carrol Shelby was right......I totally get it, and from a performance view you'd think it was a step up, but I still can't get past how lame it sounds, it just has no soul.

I suppose I might change my tune if I actually drove one, so stay tuned.....if I have to eat my words I will be more than happy to own up to it.


I’m smiling right back.
I don’t have a counter the sound part.
You’re absolutely right on that.

The shove in the seat is nice though.
With the radio blasting, you can almost forget about the sound.

It’s “only” a truck after all, as opposed to a Mustang...

I use the term only loosely here. 😜